Modular Language Courses

Language training courses for the business world

P3's Modular Language Courses

Practical Language Acquisition

POINT3's modular courses favor thematic content corresponding to a specific linguistic task such as introducing oneself to colleagues, leading a meeting, reporting an event, etc. 

We work closely with you to assess your needs and develop customized content to help your business team or organization reach its objectives.

Participants are presented a language challenge during classes to help them assimilate learning through guidance and practical activities. The meaningful language input through the activites is then implemented once participants return to the workplace.


SELF-Contained Lessons is the particularity associated with P3's Modular Program.

P3's approach favors the design of thematic courses whose content corresponds to a specific linguistic task:
  • Introducing oneself to colleagues
  • Leading a meeting
  • Reporting an event
  • etc.
By participating in a session, students are presented with a language challenge, assimilate it through guided practice and are thus able to use it back at the office. We have eliminated from our pedagogical curricula any parasitic linguistic elements that hinder the appropriation of relevant and permanent language skills.


Missed classes - not a problem - each class is self-contained so that you won't fall behind.
Receive the course content from the instructor so you can review what you missed.

New and helpful business concepts are introduced every class to keep you motivated with an easy-to-follow structure:

The situational concepts are introduced through listening activities, dialogues or articles.
Key notions are introduced and integrated into practical situations: lexical and grammatical
Guided practice of the key notions, pronunciation, and feedback facilitate assimilation.

Weekly challenges:
Participants are asked to complete  linguistic challenges to encourage practice of the newly learned notions throughout the week.
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