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The TEF Canada is a general French test recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Applications for Canadian Citizenship:

Applications for Immigration Canada Permanent Residence:

Required competencies MUST be taken on the same day for Citizenship or PR Canada.

$130.00 CO: Compréhension Orale (Listening)
$150.00 EO: Expression Orale (Speaking)
$80.00 CE: Compréhension Écrite (Reading)
$80.00 EE: Expression Écrite (Writing)


The TEFAQ is recognized by le Ministère de l’Immigration, Francisation et Intégration Québec (MIDI) for official immigration purposes

As there are many ways to immigrate through Quebec, it is the candidate's responsibility to select all competencies that are required.

The four possible exam competencies are:

$130.00 CO: Compréhension Orale (Listening)
$150.00 EO: Expression Orale (Speaking)
$80.00 CE: Compréhension Écrite (Reading)
$80.00 EE: Expression Écrite (Writing)

TEF Exam

The TEF is an official proficiency test often used for university entrance or professional purposes

The TEF, used to assess oral and written competencies in French, also includes a module for "Lexique et Structure".

Each competency can be taken separately, or together, depending on the candidate's needs.

The TEF consists of the following five options.

$130.00 CO: Compréhension Orale (Listening)
$150.00 EO: Expression Orale (Speaking)
$80.00 CE: Compréhension Écrite (Reading)
$80.00 EE: Expression Écrite (Writing)
$100.00 L&S: Lexique et Structure (Grammar and vocabulary)


TEF Intégration, Résidence et Nationalité is a new combined exam required by the French government and French organizations

The test is used to obtain a residence permit (level A2) and for naturalization procedures (level B1) as well as the A1 level for Integration.

The TEF IRN is one test wth four integral parts CO / EO / CE / EE
They are all taken on the same day.

** Note: This test is not used for Quebec or Canada immigration purposes.

$390.00 TEF IRN CO / EO / CE / EE

Changes are coming to the TEF exams as of December 11, 2023

The changes concern the TEF / TEFAQ and TEF Canada exams for :

Listening comprehension (Compréhension orale)
Reading comprehension (Compréhension écrite)
Lexis & structure (Lexique et structure)

The oral expression (Expression orale) and written expression (Expression écrite) tests remain the same.
The TEF IRN test remains the same.
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Compréhension orale

What's changing:

  • New format section A - choose the correct image
  • New format section B - answering machine messages
  • New format section B - public announcements.
  • New format section C - everyday life messages
  • Removed former section B - identify the radio item 
  • Removed former section D - Phonetics
QUESTIONS 1 to 4 Understand dialogues  - Conversations with drawings
QUESTIONS 5 to 20 Understand short messages  - Public announcements, answering machine messages, micro-trotters
QUESTIONS 21 to 30 Understand interviews  - Radio chronicles, interviews, reports radio
QUESTIONS 31 to 40    Understand various audio clips     - Audio taken from everyday life
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Compréhension écrite

What's changing:

  • New format section B - Fill-in-the blanks / word gap
  • New - more texts
  • New - speed-reading based on short texts and graphics
  • Removed former section C - re-order texts
  • Removed former section D - synonymous sentences
QUESTIONS 1 to 7 Understand simple daily documents    - Documents taken from everyday life
QUESTIONS 8 to 17 Understand the meaning of a sentence or a text  - Gap sentences and texts
QUESTIONS 18 to 22 Understand a series of documents    - Quick reading of texts and graphics
QUESTIONS 23 to 32   Understand administrative and professional documents  - Administrative and and professional documents
QUESTIONS 33 to 40   Understanding press articles  - Newspaper and press articles
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Lexique et structure

What's changing:

  • New format section B - Identifying synonymous words or word groups in a short text
  • New - Texts to complete to verify lexical and grammatical fluency
  • Removed former section D - Spotting gramatical and spelling errors in short texts
QUESTIONS 1 to 14 Understand the meaning of a word and its use in a sentence   - Incomplete sentences with missing lexicon
QUESTIONS 15 to 20 Understand the meaning of a word in a text  - Texts with gaps in lexicon
QUESTIONS 21 to 34 Understand the grammatical sense of a sentence    - Sentences with gaps in syntax
QUESTIONS 35 to 40   Understand the logic of a sentence or text  - Texts lacking in cohesion

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Exam Dates

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  • Candidates must respect a 31-day waiting period between exam dates if you are doing a re-take of the exam. 

  • It is your responsibility to verify which exam skills you require with the appropriate government or organization before registering.

  • POINT3 Language Center and its employees cannot be held responsible for information provided as we are not immigration consultants and government requirements may change from time to time.


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