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Corporate Language training solutions for the business world

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Business Language Classes

On-line Business English and French Language classes are available to groups and individuals within a business or organization. POINT3 is celebrating 25+ years in the field of language education. Our experienced team caters to business professionals, government bodies, and the public service sectors. We specialize in creating and delivering online courses that improve confidence in the usage of a second or foreign language in the workplace.
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Liberating HR

POINT3's Turn-Key Solution helps HR in organizing and offering language training programs. We simplify the process so that language classes can be up and running without the organizational headache.


P3's Modular approach

favors the design of thematic courses whose content corresponds to specific linguistic tasks


On Demand

Language support with a designated P3 specialist is available to answer your questions or resolve your language dilemma with a quick online call.


POINT3's Communicative Approach
is at the heart of our programs
and language learning is seen as the result of these elements:


Meaningful Input


EXPOSING oneself to meaningful input makes language learning more interesting and motivating!

Structural Concepts


UNDERSTANDING the grammatical structure of a language facilitates putting the concepts into practice.

Practical Application


PRACTICING in real-life situations consolidates what is learned in class.